Frozen Shoulder
November 28, 2013
Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain
December 1, 2013

Mouse shoulder? What is that?

‘Mouse Shoulder’ is a term used to define a symptom that occurs in people who use computers for long hours. It occurs in the neck and shoulder region and can lead to a deep pain in the upper part of the shoulder. The pain radiates from the neck and is felt throughout the upper torso.

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Who are most likely to acquire it?

Those who need to use the computer mouse too frequently frequently. It is caused by performing repetitive movements, while in a fixed position. It is a kind of strain that develops due to lack of non-linear movements.

What should you do?

1) Keep your arm relaxed. Use a desk that gives you this freedom.
2) Use an arm support device, if possible.
3) Get up and move about at regular intervals.
4) Follow a set of shoulder strengthening exercises once the pain subsides.

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