Impingement Syndrome
March 21, 2014

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A clavicle fracture or a broken collarbone is a common injury that is caused by a fall onto a shoulder or an outstretched hand, putting enough pressure on the clavicle to make it fracture or snap. It is particularly common in children and young adults as these bones do not become hard until adulthood.

Who are at risk?

1) Children and young adults

2) Those with a low dietary intake of Vitamin D and calcium.

3) People participating in extreme sports such as mountain biking.

1) Pain, swelling and bruising at the affected region

2) A shoulder that seems to be sagging

3) a grinding or crackling sensation when trying to raise the arm


In most cases, the fracture heals well with application of ice or pain relievers, or by using a sling. Sometimes, physical therapy may be recommended. Complicated broken collarbone conditions may require surgery to realign the broken bone.

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