Fractures of the humerus head

The humerus head or the ball can be fractured after an accident. It can be fractured in any age group. In the older age group, it is mostly due to osteoporosis.


  • The patient has pain and swelling in the shoulder.
  • The movements of the arm are restricted.
  • There may be bruising of the skin (bluish tinge of skin) after a few days.
  • Some of these fractures are associated with injuries to the nerves and blood vessels.

Treatment for fractures of the humerus head


It can consist of a simple sling support, strapping, pinning, wiring or applying a plate and screws. The fracture can take 6 weeks to 12 weeks to unite.


Some badly shattered fractures of the humerus cannot be treated with plating. In such cases the head is replaced with a metal ball called prosthesis. The procedure is called hemiarthroplasty.

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